How to Find the Right HP Auto Duplex Network Laser Printer

Laser printers are a great way to save costs with an inexpensive cost per page. So how do you know which laser printer is right for you?

First, if you need auto duplexing features (print on both sides of the page) make sure that there is a “d” on the end of the model number. For example, the HP LaserJet P2015d includes this functionality. Does this mean that duplexing is not possible?  No, you can always print duplexing manually, but having the printer automatically print on both sides of the paper is a great way to save time and help the environment.

Next, check to see if you need this printer to be used on a network. If you see a “n” in the model name, that means that HP includes network capabilities built-in. Generally, this involves connecting an Ethernet cable to the printer and setting it up with an IP address so computers can communicate with it. You can connect a USB printer to a Windows computer and “share” it among your network which creates the same network printing capabilities. The downside to this setup is that you are not able to print to the printer if the computer is off.

After you’ve purchased your printer with the features you need, be sure to activate these features in the HP driver. Since settings vary amoung printers and operating systems, it is beyond the scope of this article.

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