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ImageClass D300 Print Drivers for Mac

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The ImageClass series from Canon are great all-in-one printers that are great office workhorses. The small footprint, energy star rating, and economic toner cartridges make this an ideal printer. The D300 series printers have external connectivity in the form of a USB port for printing from a computer.  We have found that there is a decently sized Macintosh audience out there that needs to print to this printer, but no drivers exist on Canon’s website. So we set out to try and find out what could work as a solution. Here are some possible solutions:

Connect the printer to a Mac and use generic postscript drivers. Result – Fail.

Try using GimpPrint generic postscript drivers. Result – Fail.

Try forcing the use of HP drivers using a similar printing engine. Result – Fail.

The only way we found that a Mac could print to an ImageClass D300, D320, D340 was to install Windows XP via BootCamp, parallels, VM Fusion, or if you’re on a PowerPC platform, virtual PC (although it was very slow).

Bottom line: If you need to print to a Canon ImageClass D300 series printer, you will have to use a Windows-based PC or install Windows software on your Mac.

Link to Canon Support Site

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