HP LaserJet 3050 – No Paper Pickup Solution

I had an unusual problem with an HP LaserJet 3050 AIO that left me stumped. I received a 3050 back from a customer because it never worked. They mentioned that it would turn on, but they kept getting an unclearable message on the control panel. The error the customer was receiving was “No Paper Pickup”. Immediately I thought that there may be damage to the logic board or some sensor, but I had a hard time finding out where it was. After about 20 minutes of searching I happened across a spring that became “unsprung” and just needed to re-align it in place. Since there are many sensors and springs in the printer, I’ve included pictures of my fix. Please leave me a comment if you found it to be helpful.

The entire back of the 3050 with the sides and back plate removed.
The entire back of the 3050 with the sides and back plate removed.
The spring just above the separation pad unit
The spring just above the separation pad unit

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  1. I followed your directions and pictures and found a large paper clip interfering with the printer for our church Administrator’s printer. Thanks for such detail.

  2. I too followed your directions and solved my “no paper paper pickup” nightmare. Without your pictures, I don’t think I would have figured it out. I want to thank you for your help.

  3. I also followed your directions and they worked! Good job! Here in Papua New Guinea it isn’t easy to run to the nearest Best Buy to pick up a new printer!

  4. I followed your directions and they worked beautifully!!! Thank you for the instructions and the pictures!! My printer is working perfectly now. Thank you again, and again!!!

  5. AS your instructions, I just fixed my printer sucessfully. Thankyou very much. This may be happend to Hp 3055 usually.

  6. I had a HP 3055 that was showing the same problem. Turned out that a transparency had become jammed in the fuser. Removed and printer works.

  7. Thank you so much.
    That was exactly the problem. I guess we don’t need decent customer service from our manufacturers if there is the internet and people like you. You saved me a lot of time, and I was able to print out that report I needed.

    Thank you again.

  8. thanks for the information it saved us a service fee .it was the problem and thanks to your useful information problem solved

  9. Thank you,followed your instructions and it works!!!Loved that i had the pictures to give me an idea of what i was looking for.

  10. this is very helpful… but i tried all of the above and i dont see anything wrong, spring seems to be in place, i see no blocking objects. What other “hot spots” in here might i look for? note: the issue seems to have started when i had the power supply replaced (by a “pro”) and i am guessing now that i see all the little sensitive parts that in doing so he interfered with something back here. any other suggestions?

  11. this is daniel from hong kong.
    thanks a lot and it works!

    for more info, it’s at the back side and the way to open is as below.

    1)release the screw at the back of machine
    2)open from the bottom side! not at the middle


  12. Many Thanks, Solution worked for me although it took me sometime to open the printer from behind =)

    Useful website, added to my Favorites

    Greetings from Egypt!

  13. I bought this printer as a refurbish. I have never been able to make a copy with this printer. Recently I had a paper jam, then the no paper pickup error! I took it apart and found a piece of plastic, probably from the original owner that had returned it, caught in the roller! no wonder I couldn’t get it to copy!
    Works Great Now!!!
    Thank You Very Much

  14. Sweet! My printer was giving me the no paper pick up message. I tried to take care of the issue from the front end cartridge area to no avail. I found your site on a Google search and saw your photos. I dove in from the back panel access as you suggested, and lo and behold, a small piece of torn paper was visible, and was preventing the spring loaded lever highlighted in your photos from engaging in the full forward position. I cleared the small scrap paper by pushing it forward from the rear using a long, thin screw driver, then grabbed it from the front side with a small pair of needle nose pliers. I put the back and side panels back in place and my printer now works like new! I am sending you some good Karma through this message because your good deed (posting the photos) has put a smile on my face! Cheers!

  15. Thanks so much! Your directions did the trick. Although there was no blockage, my printer’s spring was definitely out of place. I guess checking it as bagage on a recent flight caused a bit more movement than my machine liked. It was more of a struggle to get the back pannel off than to fix the spring!

  16. I followed your directions and found the spring had sprung. I put it back to look like your photogrAPH, but I am still getting the “no paper pickup” message. What more can I do before I try to put back all the pieces.

  17. I had the same “paper pick up” issue, we found a “twisty” stuck in the rollers (we have kids…). Problem solved, but thanks to all the valuable info. relayed on this message board.

  18. Thanks to Al (post of Feb 20). I couldn’t see any problem when I took off the back until I read his post. I looked more closely and could see a scrap of paper stuck there. It took a little doing to get it out with a small screwdriver and needlenose pliers, but I did and now the printer works fine. I feel very lucky to have found this site.

  19. great article! although my printer isn’t about the spring, but i managed to fix mine (some sort of gear mislocation) by opening at the back as you instructed.

  20. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. It wasn’t the problem directly but it showed us what the problem was. (Daughters toys are a pain in the wrong places)

  21. Thanks. Your solution was not my problem but you empowered me to look for something simple. I investigated the simple structure of parts and felt good about removing the black mechanisms. There was a piece of plastic which must have been picked up from the envelope feeder. I am now able to continue my reign of fixing anything the kids bring to me. THANKS.

  22. Thanks so much for the article!!! I was completely baffled at this problem. You were right!!!! Popped the spring back in place and now it is working!!!!

  23. You’re a frickin genius! I have had this printer for about 3 years now and I love it. Now I get to keep it, along with the $150 I was going to spend on a new one. Thank you so much.

  24. Thank you! these days it is easier to purchase a new printer instead of paying to have it fixed. I refused to buy a new one over an error message; I knew someone out there must have a solution. You saved me at least $100!

  25. Thank you! Now it works again! It did take a few minutes to figure out what you were taking about. So pulled the wire over the left black clip and walla….it worked!

    Thanks much!

  26. I know there is a little piece of paper stuck inside where I can’t see it, but I can’t get the back off. One screw came off but I can’t budge another one. Is there a trick to unscrewing it?

  27. Thank you from Atlanta, GA. Your solution solved the problem. Seems as if the spring can get misaligned when a paper jam is removed in the opposite direction of the paper flow path. THE WEBSITE AND SUPPOSED TECHS @ HP ARE, LIKE ALL HUGE CENTRAL OPERATIONS, IN THIS SUPPOSED INFORMATION AGE (see the U.S.Postal Service Etc.), A BUNCH OF IDIOTS, WHO HAVE NO CLUE OTHER THAN READING FROM A SCRIPT AND TRYING TO CHARGE A FEE, FOR NOTHING. Pictures were a great help. Best Regards.

  28. The spring wasn’t my problem, but it lead me to paper jamming the paper detection sensor that this spring is attached to.,,,,,thanks!

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