How to Turn Off the Annoying Beeping From an HP LaserJet Printer


I’ve been reading some discussion forums about LaserJet printers (and other kinds of laser printers) making a beeping sound and what users can do to turn off the beeping.

The funny thing is that most stand alone printers do not have a speaker of any kind. There are a few printers that have speakers as well, but those typically are used for multi-functional purposes.

Here are some possible reasons why your printer is beeping:

1. Your printer is connected to a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). When the printer goes through the printing cycle it uses a massive amount of electricity. During those few seconds of power usage, the UPS will beep indicating that it will not be able to sustain that power output for any period of time.

How to fix: Move your printer to another outlet and don’t connect it to a UPS

2. You have an MFP (multi-function printer) that is attempting to fax again and again. When sending a fax, it’s typical that the printer makes noises (dialing, connecting, etc). One of these noises is a fax response beep.

How to fix: Check your printers menu and turn off/down the fax volume

3. Some printers with an LCD menu and keypad make noise when keys are pressed or the printer encounters an alarm of some type. This can become annoying when typing keys for a phone number or by changing a menu setting.

How to fix: Check the menu settings for the printer and turn off/down the sound that’s occuring. As an example, the HP LaserJet MFP series printers have the following sounds.

  • The alarm sound that the printer makes when it requires attention, such as when the all-in-one
    door is open.
  • The beeps that are emitted when you press the all-in-one control-panel buttons.
  • The phone line sounds for outgoing faxes.
  • The ring volume for incoming faxes.

As an example, change alarm volume by following these steps (using a 305X series printer)
1. Press Menu
2. Use the < or the > button to select System setup, and then press the green checkmark button
3. Use the < or the > button to select Volume settings, and then press green checkmark button
4. Press the green checkmark button to select Alarm volume
5. Use the < or the > button to select Off, Soft, Medium, or Loud
6. Press the green checkmark button to save your selection

3 Replies to “How to Turn Off the Annoying Beeping From an HP LaserJet Printer”

  1. Thank YOU !!
    I’ve reached END of everything – checking comp (hp d530sff) and two printers (hp and lexmark) with no positive result – the BEEP was there !
    Thanks to you I realized that a MORON plug the printer cable in UPS !!

  2. Excellent advice!
    The printer was driving me nuts with the beeping and it wasn’t the printer at all!
    Moved the plug out of the USB and the beeping stopped!
    Thanks for saving my sanity!

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